As global warming continues, the threat of flooding is on the rise. Homeowners across the globe, even in areas previously thought free from flooding, are now at a much higher risk of experiencing flooding issues in their lifetime.

Experienced public safety professional Eddy Andrews knows the threat this poses all too well. That is why he has put together his top tips that you should follow should you face rising floodwater:

  • Never underestimate the water

According to Eddy Andrews, one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is underestimating the speed and ferocity of floodwaters. Many mistakenly ignore the warning signs, believing that it has not got the power or capabilities to reach their home.

This is a major mistake, and far too many people are quickly caught unaware, seeing their property and belongings destroyed by a flash flood.

  • Move things higher

One of the most important tips when it comes to dealing with floodwater is to move your belongings to higher ground as soon as possible. If you are hearing warnings of flooding in your area, then you should start moving as many belongings as possible to higher levels in your home. You should particularly focus on things such as electrical items and furniture.

  • Beware of your basement

Eddy Andrews says that another very common mistake that homeowners make is to assume once the flood is over, everything is OK, particularly in the basement. Floodwater can cause serious damage to your foundations and electronics, so take the utmost care when re-entering your basement.

  • Follow all advice

The most important tip for all, though, says Eddy Andrews is to ensure that you are following all advice that is given out. If you are told to evacuate an area, then make sure that you do as you are instructed. Floodwaters are not only incredibly damaging to your property, but they can also be life-threatening.

Public safety advice you can trust

Of course, flooding is not the only risk that the public is facing. Disaster planning is now an essential aspect of any organisation, and with over 45 years working in the military and business sectors, Eddy Andrews is one of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

So if you are looking for emergency management education, disaster response training or project management, get in touch with Eddy Andrews today.