With the summer months arriving in Australia, many of us are enjoying the outdoors. However, the warmer weather also brings with it the risk of bushfires, and with the bushfire season in Australia now lasting for over 130 days, thousands of homeowners and businesses are going to be facing problems this year. To help combat the issues, experienced disaster response specialist Eddy Andrews is launching a unique new workshop designed to share advice and tips to cope with the season.

Bushfires are now one of the biggest natural disasters impacting everyday Australians. From homeowners to businesses, every year these devastating fires are destroying properties and livelihoods. As the size and duration of these fires continue to grow, thousands more people will be facing issues this bushfire season.

Preparation is one of the most important factors when it comes to saving lives and properties. As a highly experienced disaster response specialist, Eddy Andrews has worked closely with government and local organisations to reduce the impact these fires have on the population. With over 45 years of experience within the industry, he is now launching a new series of workshops for businesses and individuals.

These comprehensive workshops are designed to provide expert tips and advice to attendees on what steps they can take today to protect their property and reduce the risk of complete devastation. Alongside tips on how to secure their property, Eddy Andrews will also be outlining what to do if you are caught up in the middle of a fire and where you should go to seek help and shelter if it becomes too dangerous to remain at home.

Eddy has previously held several seminars and events, holding his first talk following the now infamous Black Summer of 2019 that saw over 19 million hectares of land burned during the season. However, this is the first time Eddy is going on an extensive tour across multiple regions, ensuring he is able to reach even more individuals and companies.

Speaking ahead of the workshops, Eddy Andrews said, “Every year, the bushfire season is getting more ferocious and lasting for even longer. That is why it is essential that homeowners and businesses are able to understand what the risks are and what actions they need to take in order to keep their property and loved ones safe during what is likely to be another very difficult bushfire season.

The workshop will take attendees through everything, from actions to take in their gardens to reduce the risk of fire reaching the property to developing an emergency response to keep individuals safe.”

To find out more about Eddy Andrews and to learn about the workshops, send us a message via the contact page.