When it comes to taking your business forward, onboarding is one of the most crucial aspects of building a successful team. As a leading expert in business development, Eddy Andrews knows the importance of welcoming new team members, and in this blog, he has taken a closer look at what onboarding is and how you can enhance yours.

What is onboarding?

Before taking a look at how to improve your process, Eddy Andrews believes it is first important to understand exactly what onboarding is. In its simplest form, onboarding is the practice of welcoming all new employees into the company, helping them to adjust to the social aspects of the role as well as their performance.

The idea behind it is to help them to become quickly acclimatised to the company culture and policies in place, ensuring that they can start to make a positive impact on business straight away. Eddy Andrews says that a successful onboarding should include:

  • A clear overview of their role and their responsibilities.
  • An introduction to their colleagues and team.
  • Orientation of the workspace and their workstation.  
  • Overview of company protocols and policies.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to a strong onboarding process, with recent research finding that a strong onboarding process helps to improve retention rates by up to 82% while productivity rises by 70%. Eddy Andrews says it is not just about keeping your staff employed and improving their output, though.

Giving new employees the very best experience possible will help them to feel part of your organisation and increase their engagement both in their work and with other colleagues. It will also help to develop a warm and inviting culture that will help your business to attract the very best talent, allowing you to grow your operations successfully.

How to improve your onboarding

There can be no denying the many benefits that proven onboarding can bring to your business, but how can you enhance yours? Eddy Andrews has taken a closer look at some of his top tips:

  • Don’t wait until their first day; start the onboarding process as soon as they have accepted the role.
  • Ensure all managers stop by to say hello on the first day.
  • Assign them a mentor to help answer questions and ensure they can get the right resources.
  • Set clear goals and ensure that they know what is expected from them.
  • No two people are the same, which is why you should not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Adapt the onboarding process to ensure it meets each required employee.

How Eddy Andrews can help you

Implementing a strong and effective onboarding process can transform your business; however, knowing the best way to welcome new employees can be tough. As one of the experienced business professionals in the industry, Eddy Andrews has helped transform hundreds of businesses.

If you want to find out more about how Eddy Andrews can help you, get in touch today!