One of the biggest risk factors facing Australians living in rural areas is a bushfire. These incredibly fast-moving and highly damaging fires can devastate vast areas in a matter of seconds, posing significant risk to humans, livestock, and property.

As a specialist in disaster response, Eddy Andrews works with organisations and businesses to help them to develop proactive safety planning against these risks. Eddy has taken a closer look at some of the biggest factors that increase the risk of a bushfire in Australia.

  • Fuel load

This is one of the most important factors according to Eddy Andrews. Items such as fallen bark, leaves and small branches can quickly build up and are fantastic sources of fuel for a bushfire, increasing its intensity and ferocity.

  • Fuel moisture

The moisture of that fuel load is also an important consideration. While fresh and moist wood will still burn eventually, dry fuel has a much lower ignition point which can increase the intensity of the bushfire.

  • Wind speed

Wind plays a major role in how quickly a bushfire can take control. It can help to drive a dying fire into the path of fresh fuel, alongside supplying it with much-needed oxygen. The wind can also carry burning embers away from the main fire and igniting areas further away, making it more difficult to extinguish the fire.

  • Ambient temperature

Eddy Andrews says that the ambient temperature also plays a major role in increasing the risk of a bushfire. The warmer and dryer the air is, the closer to the ignition point that fuel is, meaning it burns quicker and more intensely.

  • Ignition source

An often overlooked risk factor for bushfires is the source of the initial ignition. While the vast majority of fires are started by lightning, nearly 50% are attributed to humans, either by accident or on purpose.

Those lit by arsonists are often designed to cause maximum damage and can often cause a much higher risk to life and property.

Want to lower the risk of bushfire?

Specialising in helping individuals, businesses and government agencies develop effective and clear emergency planning and protocols. From management training to educating staff, Eddy Andrews is able to help you reduce the risk of bushfires, helping to give you complete peace of mind.

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